FYI for Parents 
Potty Training
    New Beginnings Academy will
    potty train your child.
    In the case of students who are not toilet trained, a supply of clean, dry disposable diapers will be maintained at the school.
    Clothing Requirements
    • All students enrolled in the Toddler, Preschool and Kindegarden programs MUST have a COMPLETE SET OF CLOTHING (underwear, socks, pants/skirt) kept at the school at all times. Please be sure to label these items with your child's name. If it is necessary for your child to use these 'extra' clothes, they must be replaced the following day.
    • A nutritious lunch will be provided. 
    First Aid
    • All staff are certified in Basic Pediatric First Aid, and are able to administer Basic First Aid.
    • Transportation services are available. Students receiving transport to and from New Beginnings Academy are transported by Boston Public Schools Transportation, or by privately owned and operated transportation services. Upon request, Parents will be given information on drivers currently serving our school.
    Rules of the classroom outlining appropriate behavior related to ways of using equipment and supplies, the daily schedule, using words as opposed to force to express feelings, etc., will be developed and reviewed with students during the first two weeks of school.
    Behavior Management
    Our basic method of behavior management will stress techniques of behavior modification. Positive acceptable behavior will be reinforced by social reinforcement and/ or tangible rewards and/ or privileges.
    Teachers will always verbally explain rules and reasons for their own actions.
    Teachers will speak to the action of the student, trying always to ensure that the student maintains his/her self-esteem. At NO TIME will teachers use language that can be construed as derogatory.
    Open Door Policy 
    Parents are welcomed, and encouraged, to visit at any time to observe or participate in their child's classroom activities.
    However, if you wish to speak with a teacher, please call and schedule an appointment.  
    Parent's with any cares or concerns may call or visit, and speak with the director or office staff at any time.
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